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Baw Auto JD4495
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Toyota Landcruiser with Jmacx 4495 GVM 300mm extended super chassis coil conversion. Built for work and future touring.

Vehicle owner: John & Donna Harm

Why did you build a custom 4X4?

We needed a bigger GVM/GCM to carry gear for work. After investigating how to achieve this we decided on the JMACX system and having it upgraded before registration. We had seen that BAW Automotive were JMACX fitters, so that’s where we started from and our custom build went from there including all the things we deemed necessary from our research.

What was the main reason you built the vehicle? (Work, holidays, retirement)

Work. We required a vehicle that could carry the heavy equipment for our line of work, with an eye on something that could be used as a tourer for future adventures.

What made you choose a dual cab 79 series?

The ability to carry passengers/employees and of course our spoilt pooches for any adventures we may go on.

What was your previous 4WD? Did you perform modifications yourself? If so, what were they?

Mitsubishi Triton – 2 inch lift, tyres, suspension upgrade, canopy, 12v system.

Why did you choose to look for a business to build your dream 4X4 from scratch?

We worked out pretty early with all of the modifications we required that trying to project manage the build ourselves would have taken up too much time and effort, we were better off working and making money in the time we would have taken to build our upgrade. We also wanted to know that things were being professionally fitted and chose BAW Automotive because we wanted a business that could customise our build. We had our ideas from our research and a clear picture of what we required, so a one fit for all approach didn’t suit us. We loved being able to bounce our ideas/requirements with the BAW team and make sure we were getting the best/latest components, equipment, upgrades to suit our purposes.

What made you choose BAW with such a large project/investment?

From our investigations we knew BAW Automotive was a qualified JMACX fitter and we had seen them on the Nulon 79 build with Shaun Whale. So we had a great place to start for our custom build project and after talking with Brent & Amy and seeing they are very hands on and involved in the process/build we knew that they would be able to deliver our own unique spin for our Dual Cab 79.

What was your favourite part of working with BAW? What made the experience unique?

That BAW were able to deliver our own individual build for our 79 Dual Cab. Brent, Amy and the BAW team were happy to incorporate all our ideas. They were also forthcoming sharing their knowledge and provided us with ideas for us to consider in order to achieve our unique build. By the end you become part of the BAW Family, they care and understand that each build is individual and an investment for each owner.

How has having a custom 4X4 built for you (rather than undertaking the project yourself) made adventuring easier?

That BAW Automotive is a one stop shop, with many industry contacts and a wealth of knowledge. After having done our research and knowing the modifications we required to achieve our build, it was overwhelming to think of project managing it by ourselves.

If you could change anything about your build what would it be?

Nothing at all! Having done our research and with Brent & Amy’s input we were delivered exactly what we required. To say we are thrilled is an understatement!!

If you could give one price of advice to someone considering building their dream 4X4 what would it be?

Research your requirements & know what is important/practical for you, including talking to Brent & Amy for ideas.