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Australian owned, Australian made.

Baw Auto Australian owned, Australian made.
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Australian owned, Australian made.

With Covid19 came a renewed focus on how important it is to produce and manufacture things we need, right here in the land down under – with that came the importance of that product also being owned by Australians.

We see it everywhere. It’s written on our clothes, food labels and of course – our tech. In recent times we’ve seen the downfall of Australia manufacturing cars and seemingly find any excuse to bring something to our country on a ship instead of creating it ourselves. It’s been a long time coming – but who’s to blame?

Some would say its our own fault for not supporting local – but they’re also the same people who say it’s too expensive. Some would say it’s the unions and the wages they’ve fought to raise for making it near impossible for a business to function successfully.

There’s mountains of reasons, rivers of opinions and so many forks in the road that changed the way our country produces, supplies and demands an array of products.

We’re not sure it’s worth complaining about something that we also believe we can change – even if it is slowly and with the focus being on our future as a nation. We do our best to support our local businesses and always look out for the Australian made and owned logo. We’re just not 100% sure if this is all a big distraction though. There’s Australian beef we’re eating that’s raised in our country, but it sure is easy to overlook who might actually own the land.

To go with the above, there is another aspect of things we consume that’s definitely worth keeping in mind. We all know that one large consumable made offshore is our tech. Are we proud enough though, to ensure we remember that Wi-fi was an Australian invention, what we now call Google Maps was a system purchased by Google from an Australian start-up company who invented that too – and how many jobs is it that we hold as Australians to mine the core ingredients to the tech we buy, not to mention the communities and lifestyles these jobs support? You see, there is more to the label and it pays to keep that in mind. Sometimes it does start here even though it ends up being shipped back in a container from a foreign land.

When it comes to the way an Australian business runs as a supplier, retailer or wholesaler – it’s come down to how quickly a product can be delivered to a doorstep. This is the real issue we face and a true test to anyone’s patience. Suddenly, Australian made has become more convenient – and rapidly, Australian made is of high demand.

In the long run, to make long term changes – we need to start small and shift our focus. You don’t need to spend $100 on a shirt because of the Australian made tag – just start by doing some research into where the material may have come from. Because, on the flip side – the wool in that Australian made shirt may not have come from an Australian sheep at all.