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79 Coils

Baw Auto 79 Coils
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Dual cab 79 Series Coil Conversion.

Vehicle owner: Brad & Kellie

Why did you build a custom 4X4?

We formed an interest in the scene a few years ago and were massively inspired by people like All for Adventure and few people off Instagram to build our own 4X4 and head to the remote places around Australia that most people cannot.

What was the main reason you built the vehicle? (Work, holidays, retirement)

To explore Australia and take us places.

What made you choose a dual cab 79 series?

We chose a Dual Cab 79 Series because we wanted the extra room in the back to be Able to take the kids and dogs on trips with us.

What was your previous 4WD? Did you perform modifications yourself? If so, what were they?

No previous 4WD, straight into the 79 build :)…All the gear and no idea.

Why did you choose to look for a business to build your dream 4X4 from scratch?

Because there’s a lot going on and you can’t just slap things on there and think it’s okay to do so...

What made you choose BAW with such a large project/investment?

Why wouldn’t we choose BAW?

What was your favourite part of working with BAW? What made the experience unique?

Building an amazing relationship with Brent and Amy and the team, especially Warnie

How has having a custom 4X4 built for you (rather than undertaking the project yourself) made adventuring easier?

A lot of more peace of mind and stress-free adventuring knowing the car has been built and wired properly.

If you could change anything about your build what would it be?

We would not change a thing; we would just like to build another one :)

If you could give one price of advice to someone considering building their dream 4X4 what would it be?

Research everything, speak to people, ask questions, and don’t rush the build.