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BAW Automotive has quickly become one of the leading custom 4X4 specialists in Brisbane - and we are proud of that. As 4X4 builders, we pride ourselves on making sure your vehicle exceeds expectation by solidifying its capabilities, comfort and convenience. We find that our clients drive their builds as their daily vehicle, want to be able to take it touring for extended periods of time or enjoy getting a little wilder on those off-grid tracks. We have done the leg work and put in the hard yards to make sure our builds compliment you and your lifestyle while it suits exactly what you want to get out of it. With custom 4X4 modifications extending from the ground up, we will get heads turning in your direction far and wide.

Our passion starts with an exceptional trade qualified team of professionals who will have you stepping out of your completed build, looking back at it and wearing a grin. Functionality is important here and figuring out what works best is what BAW Automotive has already done for you. We have sorted out which products work well together in the 4X4 customs industry, got to know the people who engineered them and stand behind them all as the 4X4 builders we are.

Here’s to you not having to visit multiple 4WD stores throughout Brisbane, call around for multiple quotes on custom fitouts and scroll online for the best 4X4 builders in Australia – you’ve found them. Let’s get those aftermarket upgrades started.

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If you are struggling to PLAN your build – we help you pull together all your big ideas.

From there we’ll make sure you’re involved as we install the latest aftermarket upgrades – to create a custom vehicle designed just for you.

We’re able to build and bring your dream to life, from the ground up, straight from the dealership floor. The entire process of modifying and customising your vehicle is something we aim to make an enjoyable and unique experience for you.

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